How To Create A Luxury Brand Business Card In Less Than 10 Minutes

When it comes to luxury branding, design is EVERYTHING – but it’s also really easy to mess up. 


In this video, I show you how to create a simple, beautiful business card for your luxury brand in less than 10 minutes. 

If you’ve seen my video on luxury branding, you know that luxury brands are all about sophistication, elegance, and minimalism. Since making that video, I’ve had so many people reach out to me asking me to take a look at their logos and business cards. I absolutely love it when you do that so please do not stop! Overall, what I’ve seen is that most of you are overthinking it; you’re over-designing and doing a little bit too much. 


So, I decided to put together this video to give you a sense of how simple it can be and that less really is more when it comes to luxury branding. 


Check out my Luxury Business Card Tutorial below using Canva. While it’s not what I use for my designs, Canva is a great tool for non-designers and anyone who doesn’t have a ton of design experience or doesn’t want to pay for higher-end or more sophisticated programs to create something that’s more than good enough – or dangerous, as I like to say ;). 


Quick note: If you have a logo, I show you how to drop it in. If you don’t, I show you how to create a business card with just typography. 


Let’s get to it! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Remember: When in doubt, take it out! Less is more!


You can access the business card design template here. 


Let me know if this was helpful for you and if you’d like to see more design tutorials from me! 


Until next time, stay badass! 

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