Ready to Scale Brand Transformation

Here's how i see it...

Just like you, your business has defied all the odds. You’ve smashed out of “just making it work” and into an established small business that’s doing big things, but…

Your business is growing fast and you’re not sure if you’re on the path to growing the business you REALLY want.

Your willpower and drive have built your business. You’re proud of what you’ve done, so much so that you want to go all in. You want to charge more, grow your team, attract more of your dream customers, and look like the polished experience you provide.

You’ve hit that moment. The moment when you’re confident in what you do and what you deliver. The one that forces you stop and say, “I don’t want to do everything on my own anymore.” 

Because you’ve lost yourself in your business and you want to run it, instead of letting it run you. You’re craving that passion again–when you’re invigorated to move forward because the direction s SO clear. 

You CAN feel that passion again, and everything you’ve done to get here was worth it because you’ve made it to this moment. 

Right now, you’re so drained you can’t even think about having space to determine a clear path for your brand and the legacy it’s leaving.

It sounds like you’re ready for someone to capture the vision in your head and give you a strategy and business identity to match the power that’s gotten you here.

Gold Moon

Allow me to introduce

Ready to Scale
Brand Transformation

Ready to Scale is an end-to-end brand transformation for established small business owners who’ve grown from the ground up but are feeling stuck and need expert help to take it to the next level.

This is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to stop second-guessing the direction of your business and start scaling.

You didn’t come this far to keep feeling stuck. It’s your turn to boss up and get next-level clarity in your vision for the future. 

You know what you want and with Ready to Scale, I’ll show you exactly how to get there. 

The Transformation

The Before & After

Right Now

You wake up in the morning wondering what fresh fires you’ll have to put out all day.

Things in your life and business are falling through the cracks and passing you by because you’re juggling too much.

Your marketing is vague and falls flat with your dream customer.

You’re grinding every day and feeling less sure why.

After You Work with Me

You wake up in the morning confident that your team is handling it and you can focus on what you do best.

Your business is aligned and focused so you can enjoy life moments without worrying about missing out.

Your marketing is a magnet for selling to the right people.

Your vision is clear and the path to get there is easier than you ever imagined.

You’ve got what it takes to transform your business and life, and I can help you take what you’ve created and make it SHINE. So bright that your dream customers won’t be able to miss it.

You’re not interested in just having a business. You’re building a legacy. So, let’s go!

What's included

The Ready to Scale Brand Transformation features:

Brand Audit

A total brand audit so I know exactly where you are and where you want to be:

  • 1-on-1 deep-dive interviews with you and your team (60 min each, up to 3)
  • 1-on-1 interviews with current or ideal customers (15 min each, up to 5)
  • Customer survey on their wants, needs, and perceptions of your brand
  • Detailed brand analysis of your top 5 competitors

Brand Blueprint

Your customized Brand Blueprint a.k.a. the roadmap you’ve been waiting for:

  • Spot-on ideal customer avatars
  • Your Brand Story
  • Your Why statement to create the company culture you crave
  • Your core message, tagline, and elevator pitch for magnetic messaging
  • Your brand superpowers and personality so you stand out in the crowd
  • A language library for streamlined marketing and communications.
  • The features and benefits of your brand

Brand Identity

Your customized brand identity system:

  • Your Brand Guidelines so you’re consistent and polished wherever your business shows up
  • Your logo system
  • Custom brand marks
  • Your color palette, fonts, and type systems 
  • Art direction with patterns, custom graphics, and stock photos to capture the perfect look & feel of your brand

Branded Materials

I’ll put your new brand identit to work by redesigning all the essential materials

  • Stationery design for business cards, postcards, letterhead, etc
  • Social media profile icons, header images, Instagram highlights, and more

*Need website graphics, brochures or presentations? Additional materials can be added a la carte!

BONUSLaunch Plan & Brand Building Roadmap

experience is everything!

Here’s How It Works



Is onboarding really a part of the process? YES! This is where we start to get to know each other and set the tone for the entire project. I’ll set expectations about how we will work together, send you a Welcome Guide and a questionnaire to get more background info on you, your team and your brand. I’ll give you access to the project board that will house all our files, to-dos, feedback and more. Then, we officially kick-off!




I’ll interview you, your team and your customers, survey even more customers, and scour your competitors for insights about the perfect positioning for your brand.  Because your strategy is only as good as the data behind it! At the end, I’ll share an Insights presentation with everything I’ve learned. It will invaluable to your business!


Strategy Creation

I’ll take everything I’ve learned and channel it into the perfect strategy for your brand, with messaging, copy, customer avatars–the works! I’ll share your Brand Blueprint with you during our check-in and get feedback. We’ll go through a few rounds of revisions until we get it just right.




Then, the design begins! Using the strategy as a guide, I’ll create a moodboard to capture the look and feel of your brand. Then, I’ll get to work on your logo system, graphics, colors, fonts–all the elements of your brand identity! You’ll have multiple rounds of feedback to make sure it’s perfect. When all of that is on point, I’ll create your stationery, social media graphics and brand guidelines.



When all of the assets are spot-on, it’s time to launch! I’ll share a launch plan so that you check all the boxes and get the most out of your new branding. But creating the branding is only the beginning–now it’s time to embody the brand! I’ll also give you a brand-building roadmap full of ideas and recommendations to really bring it to life.

It’s your time to level-up like the game-changer you are and finally overcome the chaos in your head and in your brand. 

the investment to get there:


(3 payments of $3,600)

She was able to define exactly who I was professionally. 

Her expertise in defining who you are and enabling you to parlay that into a definitive and effective outreach is immeasurable. Her insight, attention-to-detail and willingness to go above and beyond was instrumental in my successfully launching my first virtual event.

I had never seen the totality of who I am, who I want to be and who I am trying to convey more eloquently and adequately until I worked with Liz.

If you are looking for someone to bring life to your vision, Liz is the person you want to engage with.”

– Sylvia V. Reid, CEO & Founder of A Seat at Sylvia’s Table –

Before we started with Liz, we thought we were pretty on-point with our brand and its vision. However, there was MUCH more to what we assumed went into branding your business and there’s a lot we never even considered. 

We needed to bring the intangible aspects of our business (the feeling we want to convey when people come across our brand, for example) and turn them into something that is marketable and relatable to our clients.

I feel like we have a much better idea of who we are as a company, who we’re making products for and how we’re going to grow going forward. This is huge. I can’t even express how important a project like this is for every business. I feel like we have really set ourselves up for future success.”

– Summer Hill, Managing Director, XO8 Cosmeceuticals –

“It was a challenge to find the right person to help me with my brand messaging. I had to try to do it myself and I was just too close to it.

When I met Liz I could tell she was qualified and her gift with words is outstanding! Her deliverables were precise and more importantly, she understood so much of what I needed. I didn’t have to explain things to her. She already understood where my brand was coming from. 

She has a gift and talent as a brand strategist. She is definitely doing what she was born to do.”

– Alana Mitchell, Founder of Alana Mitchell skincare –

Before working with Liz Marie Strategy, we really had no idea who our customer avatar was. 

Upon our first Zoom meeting, we were greeted by an articulate, intelligent, informative, beautiful and glowing young lady. We were WOWED and decided immediately that she was THE ONE. We have not looked back and have formed a trusting relationship. 

Liz Marie made the whole experience pretty seamless. She was very open to thoughts and suggestions when something seemed off. She offered alternatives until things were JUST RIGHT!

Our team was very relieved to be done with the project with the tools to do our jobs better and more efficiently. I think we all sat a little taller knowing we had the best resources and results available to us. 

– Rose Laudisio, CEO & Founder, XO8 Cosmeceuticals –

“I met Liz in August and knew instantly that I had to work with her. When I look for a person to work with, I not only want them to excel in their field, but I want them to be an exceptional person. Liz checks both of those boxes.

I am not the best with words, but she somehow takes what’s in my head and makes it sound perfect!

She is so much fun to work with and has such an inspiring energy. I look forward to every meeting and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!”

– Michelle LaHue-Allgeyer, Founder, L-A Legacy Investments – 

We jokingly call Liz superwoman, but that’s not far from the truth! She transformed our brand, taking us from busy, complex and boring to simple, powerful and sophisticated.

Now we actually look and sound like the market leader that we are, and even more importantly, it has really resonated with our clients.

We had our best year yet and I know her contributions to our branding and marketing played a part in that.

– Zahra Akram, Marketing Manager – 

Your business deserves good branding

Your dreams are so big they make small people uncomfortable. But your branding does not measure up. Let’s change that.

Just a few more things...

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does all of this take?

The Ready-to-Scale Brand Transformation takes 10-12 weeks from kickoff to final delivery. I always plan for 10 weeks, but I want you to be absolutely in love with your branding–and sometimes that takes a little extra time!

How involved will I be in this process?

This is a collaborative process with me, you (and your team, if you have one!) While I’ll be doing most of the heavy-lifting, your ideas and feedback are essential! I would expect to devote 2-3 hours a week to this process for “homework”, weekly check-ins and to review the creative and provide feedback.

What if I need it sooner?

I get it! In special cases, I can make it happen in 8 weeks for an additional 25% rush fee.

What if I have more than one brand?

No problem! I can incorporate multiple brands or sub-brands for an additional fee.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! For this package, I typically break it up into 3 payments of $3,600. The first is due when you sign your contract. The second is due halfway through the project, after the strategy phase. The final payment is due when everything is approved and you’re ready to receive all your new assets.

Can you also build my website?

At this time, I’m not building websites for my clients.

I do offer a Web Graphics package, specifically for people who I’ve worked with on their branding. It includes plenty of branded graphics and images you could provide to web developer to get your Squarespace, Shopify or Kajabi site on brand.

Plus, I have an amazing network of web people if you’d like a referral.


What if I just need a logo?

I believe branding is SO much more than a logo. So I don’t take on logo-only projects.


I know you’re ready…