I’m Liz…

A brand strategist and creative who wants the CEOs in the Fortune 500 to look more like the U.S. population.


Creativity is my lane of social activism.

I want women and BIPOC to have a way bigger slice of the economic pie. Or maybe even our own damn pie. Not just in owning businesses, but in making REAL money. Life-changing generational wealth.

I think great branding is one of the tools to help you get there.

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Strategy + Creative
Liz Marie


I’m a brand strategist and creative director. That means I help you figure out what kind of branding will make you most successful, then use ideas, words and visuals to bring it to life.

I spent 13 years in the agency and corporate worlds building brands for billion-dollar businesses and Fortune 100 companies. But eventually, I got tired of helping other people (including a lot of self-proclaimed old, rich white men) build their legacy and decided to build my ownon my own terms.

When an executive told me to find “more white people pictures” (yes, really), I’d had enough.

So I decided to focus my business and my life on creating economic equity. For pretty much anyone who has been systemically oppressed by white supremacy, the patriarchy, xenophobia, homophobia, and all that other bullshit. 

Because it’s not enough to start a business. Our businesses need to grow, thrive and be profitable for us to have real wealth and economic power.

That’s why help badass women and BIPOC entrepreneurs to overcome chaos and get clear on your brand, so that you can grow businesses that shatter glass ceilings and build generational wealth.

I love what I do and I want to use my powers for good.


I’ve done a few things…


of brand transformations




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Creative Direction

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Messaging + Copy

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Customer Research

Who It's For

Bosses, badasses, underdogs, problem-solvers and game-changers.


I work with small business owners, ranging from brand-new start-ups to growing businesses with your first few millions in revenue. But it’s much deeper than that…

You have something to prove… and you refuse to settle! 

You’re a “first”. A go-getter who didn’t (or still doesn’t) see enough people like you in your arena… so you decided to do it yourself.

You’re building an empire… but you’ve hit a plateau. You’re fearless but…  a little foggy. 


You have a million ideas in your head…. And need help connecting all the dots and polishing that diamond in the rough. 


My Strengths

Women, well, we’re taught not to brag. But I believe we’ve got to advocate for ourselves, so here goes:


Double the Talent, Double the Fun

I do the strategy AND the creative, and I’m really good at both. Honestly, this is RARE. That’s great for you because a strategy is only as good as your ability to bring it to life. And gorgeous visuals will fall flat without some serious strategy behind them. When they’re created together, it’s like peanut butter and jellyway tastier than the individual parts.

I Understand the Struggle

I’ve helped dozens of clients build and rebuild their brands. But I’ve also gone through it myself. Talk about empathizing! I understand what it’s like to feel lost, overwhelmed, and riddled with self-doubt. Not knowing the right move to take can be paralyzing. So I also know firsthand how amazing it feels to finally get the clarity and the tools you need! I’ll help you get there.

Like Your Brand Therapist

My friends call me the “human distillery” because I take all the stuff you throw at me (your ideas, challenges, deepest heart’s desires) and translate it into something simple, powerful, and effective. This is cool for you because while your brand is undergoing a major makeover, the process is transformative for you, too. My clients leave feeling understood, validated, empowered and re-invigorated to grow their business.

Designed for Small Biz

I just love helping people make their dreams come true. That’s why I built my entire business around serving small business owners like you. I’ve done the agency thing and the big brand thing, but nothing excites me more than sole founders and small, scrappy teams. The good news is you get that award-winning expertise in a package that works for you.



Want to get started? Here’s how…

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Here’s what good branding will do for you

Get Clarity + Confidence in your brand

Create your distinctive, polished look

Get consistent and On Point

Understand + Attract the Right People

Stand out from your competition

Lay the foundation for growth


You’ve got questions… I’ve got answers

If you want to do good, why isn’t it free?

Look, branding is about creating value and I’m trying to teach you to know your worth and add tax, tip and shipping. So I have to practice what I preach. But the reality is, women and BIPOC-owned businesses tend to have WAY fewer financial resources. I built my business strategically to give you agency-caliber work (read: 6-figure value) at rates that growing small businesses can afford.

But since you mentioned free, I also offer a pro-bono service grant to several organizations each year (4 last year).

Is branding different for women or BIPOC-owned businesses?

Nope. Branding is branding. But as a woman, BIPOC entrepreneur or especially a woman of color, you face way more obstacles when building your business. You’re expected to do more with less. So let’s face it: When you’re held to an impossible standard in order to succeed, every detail counts. 

Plus, I figured, if I’m going to be pouring thousands of hours into this for the rest of my life, I want them to make a difference where I think it matters most.

Is this some White Savior sh*t?

I hope not, but that’s not my call to make. Please “call me in” if you think so. The fact is that I am not the hero in this story; you are. I am a small role player in your success story. I’m just here to support you. And I know that you’ll still be successful with or without my help.

Anti-racism, feminism and social activism are life-long pursuits that take consistent, ongoing effort and a ton of learning + unlearning. I’m actively working on it and I’m not going to stop.

Why wouldn’t I hire a BIPOC person?

Honestly, go for it! There are super talented BIPOC brand strategists out there. And personally, most of my contractors, vendors and service providers are women of color for that same reason. But if you do choose to work with me, I promise to give you my all and to help you reach your goals.

What's your process like and how long does it take?
  1. Everything I do starts with research into your brand, your audience and your competitors.
  2. Then, I use what I’ve learned to create the strategy or creative that is going to be most effective.
  3. You weigh in and give feedback. We perfect it. And then we launch! Simple!

Each service I offer has it’s own nuances and timeline. For more detail, check out My Services.

Will investing in my brand get me sales?

Great question. Yes! And no…

Good branding will make you more effective. It can help you catch more eyes and convert more leads/sales because you will resonate way more with the right customer for you. But you still need to get people to see your brand. 

If you don’t have an audience or you aren’t putting yourself out there (marketing!), then just creating a beautiful brand won’t magically make people know you exist!

I like to say that branding is like everything that goes into creating an awesome party, but marketing is like the invitations. You still need to get people to come! For more on this example, check out this post on branding vs. marketing.


Cool, cool, but what do you do for fun?

 So glad you asked… Here’s a few things I love.

  • SPORTS! (and other active stuff) I play basketball, flag football, lift, hike, bike, do yoga and surf. 
  • I’m a travel junkie and love putting new stamps in my passport. My favorite places to date are Tokyo, Barcelona, and Banff.
  • Your girl can cook! I whip something up daily and prefer experimenting and coming up with new dishes each time. It’s like painting with flavors!
  • I also paint! I work mostly with acrylics and love doing portraits. It’s therapeutic for me.
  • I’m not a huge TV watcher (besides sports), but The Office is my comfort show and I can’t get enough of HGTV & Food Network.
  • Music is like air (daughter of a musician, here!). Alternative R&B, 90’s, neo-soul and classic soul are my favs.


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