A Seat at Sylvia's Table

Sylvia V. Reid is an ordained minister who wanted to transition to lifestyle coaching for women. She needed help clarifying her audience, positioning her brand and bringing it all to life with a look that would match her glamorous aesthetic.

I help Sylvia define her business model and her brand strategy to launch virtual events, a group membership and one-on-one coaching. Then I created her brand identity and brought it to life in a 30-page ebook and a Kajabi website.

Strategy, Messaging, Identity + Design

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A Seat at Sylvia's Table - Web Design

[Liz’s] expertise in defining who you are and enabling you to parlay that into a definitive and effective outreach is immeasurable. Her insight, attention-to-detail and willingness to go above and beyond was instrumental in my successfully launching my first virtual event. I had never seen the totality of who I am, who I want to be and who I am trying to convey more eloquently and adequately until I worked with Liz. If you are looking for someone to bring life to your vision, Liz is the person you want to engage with.

– Sylvia v. reid –

A Seat at Sylvia's Table Elevator Pitch

I helped Sylvia define what makes her approach special and why it matters for her audience, as captured in this simple, straightforward elevator pitch.

A Seat at Sylvia's Table Moodboard

With a warm blush + bronze palette, classic typography, elegant graphics and rich imagery, we brought Sylvia’s brand personality to life.

A Seat at Sylvias Table Brand Personality