Fashion Mentor

When we first started working together, Brittany Diego, founder of Fashion Mentor, was a one-woman powerhouse who needed creative support to scale her business. Her goal was to reach more upcoming fashion stylists, especially stylists of color, and show them a path to success in the industry.

With research from her clients, we fine-tuned Brittany’s message and redesigned her brand. Then, we launched a robust storytelling campaign, including Brittany’s official brand narrative, a video of her story and  video case studies from her most successful clients.

Strategy + Storytelling

– Brand Power Grant Recipient –

In partnership with Everly Agency
Designer: Lyric Everly

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Fashion Mentor Ad Campaign

Through our research, we learned more incredible detail about Fashion Mentor’s ideal clients like what they read, who they follow and what their pain points are. These insights helped Brittany shift her marketing strategy, launch a YouTube channel and create more effective ads.

Fashion Mentor Brand Storytelling

The video case studies captured real clients pain points, emotions, experience with Fashion Mentor, and their amazing end results. You couldn’t dream up endorsements this good!

Brittany has used these videos and the corresponding quotes and graphics on YouTube, social media, in ad campaigns, on her website to help grow her brand.

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