Excite All Stars

Excite All Stars in a non-profit that empowers kids to excel in leadership, arts, academics, athletics and social justice. Founded after Katrina, EAS needed a brand that would help them grow beyond New Orleans into a robust organization with a national footprint.

I created a brand strategy that could speak to kids, parents, donors, sponsors, schools and local communities, positioning EAS as a top-tier organization with a huge range of programs–without losing their “like family” feel.

Strategy, Messaging + Design

In partnership with Everly Agency
Identity: Lyric Everly

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Since they began, EAS has thousands of success stories, from college graduates to literally saving lives. But most people thought of them as a fun after-school program. We shifted their message to focus on the impact they create: leaders that change the world.

First Friday Entertainment Brand Design

With a broad range of programs including sports, STEM classes and social justice education, EAS needed a singular mission. I helped them connect all the dots. It’s all about creating agents of change in their communities.

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