First Friday Entertainment

First Friday Entertainment is a literary management company trying to change the face of Hollywood. They needed help clarifying their mission and sharing it with the world, so they could attract more unique storytellers and more industry partners committed to diversity.

The strategy staked their claim as the first of their kind to focus exclusively on diverse storytellers. I drew on the big, bubbly, loving personalities of founders Krista & Devon to create a bold messaging and a fun, no-BS style–without neglecting their expertise, hard-work and dedication to their clients.

Strategy, Messaging + Design

In partnership with Everly Agency
Identity: Lyric Everly

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First Friday Entertainment Web Design
First Friday Entertainment Elevator Pitch

With all the socializing of the entertainment industry, FFE needed a quick, straightforward elevator pitch that would explain who they are, why they’re special and how they do it.

First Friday Entertainment Brand Design

Their brand personality is full of rich imagery: being gritty and getting your hands dirty while also being a dreamer that believes in the magic of entertainment.

We drew on math symbols + and = in the branding and the messaging to express equality and including everyone.

First Friday Entertainment Brand Personality