The Sexology Files

The Sexology Files is a resource for people who want to have better sex. The founder needed someone to capture all the ideas in her head and bring it to life in a brand, so she could finally launch

The messaging strikes a balance between smart humor, open-minded support and straightforward education. The brand identity sets the mood and oozes sensuality without being explicit.

Strategy, Messaging, Identity + Design

In partnership with Everly Agency
Co-designed with Lyric Everly

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The Sexology Files Brand Identity
The Sexology Files Elevator Pitch

We used bed iconography to capture the idea of sex without being too on the nose. That decision inspired the tagline, “Putting bad sex to bed,” which expresses the mission of the brand in a playful, accessible way.

The Sexology Files Moodboard

 Since most people don’t feel comfortable talking about sex, the messaging embraces the weird, wild and ridiculous to create a safe space for everyone.

We put our deep color palette into gradients to create the feeling of mood lighting. The thick, curvy serif oozes sex appeal, but is paired with crisp lines to keep it clean and modern.

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