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Alana Mitchell is a successful entrepreneur with two thriving brands. But for her eponymous skincare brand, she had struggled to capture her story and create messaging that would set her apart so she could hit the next level.

Starting with interviews with actual customers, I built detailed personas that would capture Alana’s niche: warm-hearted superwomen. Then, I created a strategy that would capture the love and care that she and her family pour into their products. 

Strategy + Messaging

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I had previously interviewed other people previously to help with my brand messaging and I just could tell that they did not understand exactly what I needed for my brand. It was a challenge to find the right person to help me with my brand messaging. I had to try to do it myself and I was just too close to it. 

When I met Liz I could tell she was qualified and her gift with words is outstanding!

Her deliverables were precise and probably more importantly was that she understood so much of what I needed as a beauty brand owner. It was so nice, I didn’t have to explain things to her. She already understood where my brand was coming from.

Liz makes the process of working together on a project, enjoyable and rewarding. We have recommended her many times to other business owners. She has a gift and talent as a brand strategist. Liz is definitely doing she was born to do.

– Alana Mitchell –

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As an entrepreneur, wife & mother of two, including a young son with autism, Alana understands how often women carry everyone on their shoulders without prioritizing themselves.

Our messaging captures how Alana and her products support and care for these women, without costing an arm and a leg or taking hours out of their day.

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By identifying and giving a name to Alana’s audience, I helped her connect with the right women and set herself apart from other skincare brands with a different audience and different agenda.

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