Floral Design by Heidi

After decades in business, this local flower shop in Naples, FL wanted to scale. Along with investments in their systems and technology, they needed a brand that would give them a strong, consistent foundation to grow.

I worked with Heidi and her daughter-turned-business partner to define their story, with messaging that would resonate with multiple audiences and capture and their imaginative, above-and-beyond personality

Brand Strategy + Messaging

In partnership with Everly Agency
Designer: Johanna Ketterle

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Alana Mitchell Brand Tagline
Floral Design by Heidi Branding

This elevator pitch succinctly captures what sets Floral Design by Heidi apart: They use flowers to help people say all the things they don’t know how to say. And their high-touch approach means they talk through your unique situation (and all the emotions that come with it) and create a one-of-a-kind arrangement to express that. 

Alana Mitchell - Research

By defining the team’s brand personality, I gave them clarity and permission to really own those traits. As creatives, they hadn’t always felt confident about their “organized chaos” or juxtoposition between imagination and polish–when in reality, that is what makes them unique.

Floral Design by Heidi Branding