XO8 Cosmeceuticals

XO8 Cosmeceuticals is a luxury skincare company created by a former esthetician.  While their wholesale products have had huge success in spas, they needed help created a unified brand for their launch in the retail skincare market.

During the research, I identified the brand’s greatest strengths: incredible results, ingredients most brands–and some women–don’t dare to use and spirit that challenges the status quo to empower women of all ages. I pulled these all elements together into a unique and powerful brand story.

Strategy + Messaging

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XO8 Cosmeceuticals Brand Strategy

Before working with Liz, we really had no idea who our customer avatar was. We had some continuity with our branding – or so we thought we did – but upon working with Liz, we found out otherwise. Her expertise taught us that we certainly had more challenges than we thought. 

Liz Marie came highly recommended. Upon meeting in our first zoom meeting, we were greeted by an articulate, intelligent, informative, beautiful and glowing young lady. We were WOWED and decided immediately that she was THE ONE. We have not looked back and have formed a trusting relationship. 

Liz Marie made the whole experience pretty seamless. She was very open to thoughts and suggestions when something seemed off, she offered alternatives until things were JUST RIGHT!

Our team was very relieved to be done with the project with the tools to do our jobs better and more efficiently. I think we all sat a little taller knowing we had the best resources and results available to us.

– Rose Laudisio, founder –

From their raw, “naked luxury” approach to the unique ingredients, the entire strategy was around positioning XO8 as a challenger to the norms of the beauty industry. This elevator pitch simply captures what makes them unique.

XO8 Core Values

Before we started with Liz, we thought we were pretty on-point with our brand and its vision. However, there was MUCH more to what we assumed went into branding your business and there’s a lot we never even considered. 

We needed to bring the intangible aspects of our business (the feeling we want to convey when people come across our brand, for example) and turn them into something that is marketable and relatable to our clients. 

I feel like we have a much better idea of who we are as a company, who we’re making products for and how we’re going to grow going forward. This is huge. I can’t even express how important a project like this is for every business. I feel like we have really set ourselves up for future success.

– Summer hill, Managing Director –

In our first call, Rose described XO8 as a “Scorpio brand”. As a fellow Scorpio, I completely understood! The brand personality evokes the mystery, allure, non-comformity and power of Scorpios everywhere!

XO8. brand personality