Signature Story VIP Day

Just share your story!

(Says the 100th person you’ve watched on Instagram today)

“Your unique experience, your YOU factor, your special sauce. That’s what people want, that’s what makes your business stand out in a crowd.”

Spoiler Alert: I agree. Your story is one of your most powerful tools for building your brand.

But it’s not always easy to talk about you. It’s not always easy to share a part of yourself.

Because right when you’re ready to share you ask yourself…

  • What part of my life story do I share? 
  • Do people even care about what I have to say?
  • How much of myself do I really have to put out there?
  • Where do I start?

First, these questions are normal. You’ve lived a whole life! Asking where to start makes perfect sense. You’re out of your comfort zone here, and you actually kind of like that, but you’re still struggling with this story piece everyone talks about.

WARNING: I'm about to get cheesy...

Your story IS one-of-a-kind and it does make your business unique. You’re a self-made, go-getter who was born to defy the odds and you will stop at nothing to get there.

Your story is the badass factor your brand is missing and you know it. 


If you’re ready to share more of you in your brand, but don’t know where to start, I have some good news for you.

Gold Moon

I'm rolling out the red carpet for my

Signature Story VIP Day

Your Signature Story narrative and all the tools you need to start sharing your story again and again in your marketing — created in just one day.

Stories bridge experiences, create connections and attract customers who believe in what you do at their core (and pay for it!).

We’ll make the connection between your story and your brand so you never have to wonder what part of your story to tell again.

We’re about to get your story straight. Straight into the hearts of your dream customers. 

In the Signature Story VIP Day, we dive into the stories behind you and your brand in a recorded Zoom session so you can:

Share more of you in your content marketing without overthinking it.

Create connections with your dream customers just by being you.

Know what parts of your to share and feel confident sharing it.

The Transformation

The Before & After

Right Now

You don’t know what to say and get bogged down in details and self-doubt 

Your audience has no idea how awesome you and your brand really are!

You’re starting from scratch every time you need to put yourself out there and it’s draining all your energy

After You Work with Me

You have a clear, concise and POWERFUL story that you can tell again and again

Your audience falls in love with your brand because they feel so connected to you

You have everything you need to share your story with the world (and feel damn good about it!)

In just one day, you can go from scared-to-share to sure of your brand story.

Because you didn’t start this business to blend into the crowd. You’re ready to make your mark on the world, shatter glass ceilings and build generational wealth. And you want everyone to know it’s you who’s making it happen.

What's included

Your Signature Story VIP Day features:

Your Brand Video

A 1-2 minute video where you—and your story!— are the star. I’ll pull the highlights from our Zoom interview to weave a cohesive story, then add your branding for a polished look!

Your Story Themes

Storytelling is HUGE for content marketing.  I’ll identify the right themes for you to speak to again and again so you never have to wonder what to talk about.

Your Brand Narrative

I’ll craft a beautiful written narrative telling the story of you and your brand—with every word carefully chosen to capture your unique personality. Use it for your About copy, your pitches or even a script for ads!

Your Social Media Sound Bites

Micro-content is major! I’ll use your interview and your branding to create 3 quote graphics and 3 sound bite videos that you can share all over social media.  

BONUSStorytelling Guide

This comprehensive guide will give you tips, ideas and step-by-steps for how to use storytelling to build your brand and win over your customers!

experience is everything!

Here’s How This Game-Changing Day Will Go


We Prep!

It’s all about the details and preparation is key! Once you book your VIP day, I’ll share everything you need to know to feel confident and prepared going into the big day. You’ll share background on your brand and give me your brand assets (logo, colors, etc.) so I can get to work on templates for your video and graphics.


Your VIP Day

  • First thing in the morning, we’ll get on Zoom and do a 60-minute deep dive into you, your brand, and your story.
  • You sit back and relax while I get to work, using that recording to create a branded video, and your Signature Story narrative.
  • That afternoon, I present your brand story, making sure it WOWs you.


You Share Your Story with the World!

The next day you’re ready to use your most powerful tool for building your brand: your brand story! You’ll have plenty of assets (video, sound bites and quote graphics!) to use in your marketing, recommendations for how to put them to use and a detailed Storytelling guide to make the impact even greater.

When we’re done you’ll have an easy-to-share brand story that’s a reflection of you AND a magnet for your dream customers.

the investment to get there:


(2 payments of $1,200)

I had never seen the totality of who I am, who I want to be and who I am trying to convey more eloquently and adequately until I worked with Liz.

If you are looking for someone to bring life to your vision, Liz is the person you want to engage with.”

– Sylvia V. Reid, CEO & Founder of A Seat at Sylvia’s Table –

“When I met Liz I could tell she was qualified and her gift with words is outstanding! 

She has a gift and talent as a brand strategist. She is definitely doing what she was born to do.”

– Alana Mitchell, Founder of Alana Mitchell skincare –

Upon our first Zoom meeting, we were greeted by an articulate, intelligent, informative, beautiful and glowing young lady.

We were WOWED and decided immediately that she was THE ONE. We have not looked back and have formed a trusting relationship.”

– Rose Laudisio, CEO & Founder, XO8 Cosmeceuticals –

“When I look for a person to work with, I not only want them to excel in their field, but I want them to be an exceptional person. Liz checks both of those boxes.

I am not the best with words, but she somehow takes what’s in my head and makes it sound perfect!

She is so much fun to work with and has such an inspiring energy.

– Michelle LaHue-Allgeyer, Founder, L-A Legacy Investments – 

Let your story draw them in

You’ve lived through everything that has made you the best person for your dream customers. It’s time to let them know.

Just a few more things...

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does all of this take?

All VIP days are booked at least two weeks in advance to give us both time to prepare. But like the name suggests, the real work takes just one day!

How involved will I be in this process?

We’ll be in open communication prior to your VIP day so that you feel calm and confident going into it.

On the day of, I’ll need about two hours of your time (in the morning and the afternoon) for your interview and to present your story.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! For this package, I typically break it up into 2 payments of $1,200. The first is due when you sign your contract. The final payment is due by the morning of your scheduled VIP Day.

I've never recorded with Zoom. What will the video quality be like?

I’ve had great results recording with Zoom. While the resolution won’t be as crisp as a full video production, it will be more than enough to capture your story in an authentic way. I’ll also give you tips for optimizing your space (lighting, sound, etc.) to get the best out of Zoom. 

Your story is POWERFUL.